11. nesil Intel Tiger Lake-H işlemci serisi sızdırıldı

11th generation Intel Tiger Lake-H processor series leaked

All the technical features of the 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake-H processor family that will power player laptops have emerged.

IntelThe 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake-H processor family, which is expected to be introduced soon, 9550pro by a Twitter user named leaked. When we look at the technical details that have emerged, we see that the Core i9-11980HK and Core i9-11900H processors use Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology. In the Tiger Lake-H processor series, Thermal Velocity Boost We haven’t heard anything about support. Apart from these, there was no leakage news for the Core 117XXH, 116XXH and 115XXH series processors.

The processors that Turbo Boost 3.0 increased to 5.3 GHz in the Comet Lake-H family will see the 11th generation maximum 5.0 GHz levels. 65W Power requirement on models other than Core i9-11980HK with TDP 45W While specified, core clock speeds will be limited to between 2.5 GHz and 2.1 GHz. On the other hand, the Core i9-11900H will be able to run at 35W on laptops like ASUS ROG using the Ryzen 5000HS series.

11th generation Intel Tiger Lake-H processor series leaked

11th generation Intel Tiger Lake-H processor series leaked

Intel Core i7 – 8-core Tiger Lake-H

It will be the third and probably the most affordable processor in the series Core i7-11800HDoes not support Turbo Boost 3.0. Therefore, it will have a single core boost frequency limited to 4.6 GHz. So, it will be only 200 MHz lower than the Core i9-11900H. The base clock speed of the Core i7-11800H processor, which is 2.4 GHz, drops to 2.0 GHz in 35W TDP mode.

Intel Core i5 – 6-core Tiger Lake-H

Intel is also developing two new Core i5 processors. Interestingly, both Core i5-11400H and Core i5-11260H DDR4-2933 MHz limited by memory support. The Core i5-11400H can be scaled up to 4.5 GHz with a 2.7 GHz base clock. Core i5-11260H There have previously been rumors that the hyper threading feature was disabled, but newer slides that have been published refute this rumor. According to the specifications, it will be only 100 MHz slower than the Core i5-11400H.

Finally, it should be noted that the Intel Tiger Lake-H processor family will be released in the second quarter of 2021.

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