Zone control can do a lot for you

I work in a seasonal burger and fry restaurant. I work in the back for a cook. I cook the cheese burgers, fry the french fries, and also make onion rings. There are girls in the ice cream portion that prepare cones and milkshakes. Then, there is the main dining area which is the spot where the servers give the customers the meals. You would be surprised the difference in temperature overall in those areas. In the back it gets incredibly hot. The diner has central air conditioning but it surely is set to one temperature. Our kitchen area cannot be cooled completely because the intensity from the fryers makes it way too hard. In the ice cream location, the cooling system makes the ladies really cold. The air conditioning freezes them out think because they are working with cold products. The dining area is the perfect temperature. The thermostat is set so you can kick back and relax. There are ultimate climate control for customers and servers. What the diner ought to do is invest in HVAC sector control. The kitchen should end up heavily air conditioned, ice cream can offer little to no cooling, and the serving area can be a moderate temperature. This way the air conditioning system does not overwork itself for all the areas in the diner. So many people are happy and comfortable. It also would save the diner a bundle on HVAC costs. There are areas they would not need to worry to cool. Also then all employees are happy and might like to continue working at the institution.

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