Why I fight with my roommate

I have enjoyed living with the same roommate for five years now. For the most part we get on pretty well. We have exactly the same interests, both of us are single and we do almost everything together. Our buddies rip on us about being a couple and can certainly say we are, but totally just as friends. With all of our similarities the one thing we differ on is the heating and cooling of our apartment. I’m a bigger guy and he is pretty small so he tends to get cold much simpler. I’ve woken up in the night to find myself sweating because he chose to alter the thermostat to some sort of warmer temperature. Then I would lower the temperature in the thermostat and I’d hear the next day how he woke up inside the night because of my routines. We’d go back and forth like this for a while. The one time I hated this the most was in coming home out of work. I would go home wanting to cool down and I would find the place warm. I had a smart thermostat installed and had the means to access it from my phone. I didn’t share the information with my roommate and before I leave work I actually turn the thermostat down so it’ll be nice and cool when I get home. I can lock the thermostat with my phone too. It took him several days to realize what was taking place and when he threatened to move out I had to share the details with him. But now we adjust the thermostat in the event the other isn’t there and we do this with ease.

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