What I’d like to know about air quality

Everyone lives in a poor quality house at some point in their lives. For many of us, those awful houses are a staple of their college years. They’re cheap to reside in, with landlords that don’t usually care what you get up to in them providing you don’t burn the place down. From their creaking floors and their thin carpets, there’s a weird kind of nostalgia about them that hits a few months after you relocate out of one. Unfortunately for many of us, that era of subpar housing never really ends. Unless you somehow discover a solid job that pays sufficiently, you might just get stuck renting exactly the same kind of place consistently. My current apartment is extremely bad, even with my cheap standards. I live on the top floor with two friends, and lately we’ve been having a problem with the leaky roof. The heating and cooling system inside the place is really out of whack, so whenever the roofing leaks, our house gets extremely humid. All the doors just started to swell and warp when the idea rains. In the colder weather, it’s nearly impossible to evade the damp chill. The quality of air is awful, and I’m start to suspect that the air filter simply hasn’t been changed since the late seventies. I’d ask the landlord to sort it out if he ever returned anybody’s calls. We’ve been trying to figure out our own solutions in that meantime. One of my housemates came home with a used dehumidifier a week ago. It’s really loud, but seems to do just as well taking the humidity out with the air and helping us all breathe a bit easier.heating products