We need the heater to run correctly

One of my favorite places to visit is our local planetarium. Some folks have never had the opportunity to enjoy a professional planetarium show. I don’t mean those little toy planetariums you can purchase for your kid’s bedroom. Nothing beats sitting in a beautiful auditorium where everyone leans back and looks as a series of a pictures of the entire night sky are projected onto a curved ceiling. That’s where you can learn about our solar system and many of the galaxies in our universe. On one occasion when I was in middle school, my parents took me to our planetarium. The show was meant to last for about two hours, and because it was wintertime in the mountains, the room was incredibly cold. My teeth were chattering, which distracted people around me. My mom got up and asked the person running the show if there would be any way the heat might be turned on. He was happy to comply with this request and within just a couple of minutes, the furnace and radiant flooring had the room much more comfortable. The room was pleasant and cozy. Warm air with the furnace vents swirled around my head, and my frozen toes started to thaw. I later learned their HVAC system had just had a heating tune-up, which meant their heating unit was functioning at peak capacity.  The planetarium staff always made sure to schedule the annual tune up to make sure the visitors were always comfortable. My entire family enjoyed the planetarium show much more because the cold, damp air was replaced with warm comfortable air.  I hope one day when I have kids they will love coming here as much as I do.

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