Ways to improve your air quality

I’ve always felt as though the house was cleaner than most other houses. My mom is a very organized person and is really good about getting at least a little bit of cleaning done each day. While I have never thought if my friends’ homes as dirty, I just believed that my mom kept mine cleaner. However, my parents scheduled a visit with an HVAC company yesterday to look at our equipment. It was just supposed to be one of those simple service appointments where the HVAC technician comes in and signs off that everything looks fine. We expected everything to be in good shape. However, the HVAC technician quickly informed my father and mother that the indoor air quality your home was actually pretty poor due to a few basic issues. They obviously wanted to find out more, so they sat down with the tech and began talking about how they could remedy the situation. He explained that there have been two basic problems going on. First, he said that the air filters have been clogged. He said it appeared as if they hadn’t been changed in many years. Second, this severe clogging had created a lot of dust and other debris settling inside air ducts. Ductwork should be cleaned out once every seven years or so to make sure that no problems are taking place. My mom and dad took all his advice and made each of our HVAC system much safer and more effective. I don’t know if they will continue to take such good care of our system like this, but my mother is really a very driven person so she just may keep with up with this one.

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