Turn the air conditioner off now!

When we first moved in our new apartment, I was thrilled to have even more space than I had before, and all the great facilities the complex offered. We had entry to a huge swimming pool, sauna, and racquetball courts. I was especially happy of having our own patio so we could set up a grill. I have always loved to grill, but never had an area for it. After we were settled inside, we had a few friends up to grill steaks and watch a good baseball game. It was a ridiculously hot day, so we also used the pool two hours or so to cool down. Once they were gone, we realized our apartment was nearly as warm as the outdoors. The AC had been running all day, but it just wasn’t cooling our spot down. I felt the air being sent from the vents, and it seemed indeed cool, but the apartment was warm and muggy. I called the management office, which sent out an HVAC tech right away. I was impressed he was inside our place so quickly, and he explained he strictly worked for our apartment complex. He took his time looking at the thermostat, filters, vents, along with outdoor unit. It turned out there were one or two issues. The filter was blocked, and he had a new one with him to convert it out. The thermostat’s power packs needing changing, which he also took care of, and the main refrigerant level was low. Once he refilled it and turned our machine on again, I was amazed about the difference. I could now have the cold air in every room in the apartment, and it was comfortably cool after a period of 60 minutes.

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