Trying to not freeze

My parents just remodeled the house and made a “game room” for me. It is a massive room with a television and gaming systems, pool table, air hockey table, and several other things. It was really nice of them to do it, but since I’m older and travelling to college soon, it kind of felt somewhat random. They re-did the kitchen and their bedroom, and added two bathrooms. They also completely remodeled the entire basement, which they turned into a movie area and some workspaces for themselves. Maybe they felt bad that they didn’t re-do my room or my bathroom, so they really gave me this game room as an apology. As nice as it ended up being, I never go in that place. Honestly, it’s way too freezing to be comfortable. The floors are brand-new but what my parents need to have installed there is heated floors. The room is big and echos  a lot. It smells a lot like fresh paint, and it is way too cold to stay in there for long periods of time. If there were heated floors my friends and I would be in there constantly. Even carpet would be an improvement. One thing they did update was their HVAC system throughout the home. We have zone control now which can be very exciting because I can set different rooms to completely different temperatures, right from my phone. My mom is always hot, even though I’m constantly freezing, so this will be perfect for us, and will likely lessen the amount of arguments inside our home. Maybe I’ll try sending heat into that game room so my buddy and I can use it! I can set the temperature to 70 when I’m about to leave school so by the time I get home it is just about ready to be played in!

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