Trying to find the right water heater

Now, my husband and I replaced our domestic hot water tank. Before replacing the system, our water was getting as hot as you needed it to. There are more than us that live in our house though. It is us and some of the kids who all happen to be teenagers. We love them to death but they can sure complain all the time. They always complain about how they are bored, or tired or even hungry. Well, it wasn’t making it any better when they all started complaining about how their showers were cold and about how the water wouldn’t warm up fast enough. We could not take all of the complaining anymore. We had enough of it, so we met with an experienced plumber. He started advising us and told us which kind of hot water tank to install. At first we wanted the standard hot water tank, but he began talking us into a nicer and bigger storage tank. Apparently this bigger and better warm water tank kept the water constantly hot and it was much more efficient, which is very nice. So, the hot water tank cost us far more to buy on the spot, but the good thing is that since it is more efficient, it will end up saving us money on bills with luck. It has been about a year since we’ve had the hot water tank and we all like it so far. No more complaining from our teens. We owe our plumber big time for this.