Tips on how to fix an air conditioner

My wonderful mother made my sister and I visit our disgustingly old relatives down south earlier this summer. It was a real bummer considering my sister and I already had tickets to get to see a really rad band that had been coming into the area, but as a consequence of my mom we would be absent during that time. So the whole family ended spending a week in the south where it is extremely hot. To make matters more painful, the relatives we were sticking with had a broken air conditioner. They had mentioned that the air conditioner subsystem with the HVAC system was down, but that the furnace and ventilation worked merely fine. I could not but believe it was so idiotic to get a heating system installed into one’s house if he or she are living in the southern regions, but I managed to maintain my mouth shut. So during this week my own sister and I just lurked miserably around the house, wishing for the HVAC technicians to return and fix the air conditioner system. They never came though, but my grandmother certainly thought they had. Our grandmother can be an extremely old and crazy sweetheart, and she kept addressing us as if we were the HVAC technicians which were here to fix the air conditioning system throughout the house. Being repeatedly mistaken was a certain amount of an annoyance, but we were successful in getting our grandmother to purchase our HVAC expertise and the ‘repairs’ that we performed on the air conditioner. Not surprisingly we didn’t actually do anything to the central air conditioning system, however , hey, money is money!heater service