Tips for your heating and air conditioning

Last winter, one of my best friends and I decided that we should cross “skiing at the mountains” off our bucket catalog. Everything started off wonderfully well. We checked inside the lodge where we were being held up, bundled up in our snowsuits, and headed to the mountainous slopes. We were very thrilled! We spent hours skiing in the perfectly formed snow, and were quite spent, by the end of the day. We decided to head up to the lodge once we had been done skiing down the hill at sunset. Once we arrived, we noticed that there was an attractively, big crowd surrounding the fireplace. Since we were still bundled in our snow gear, we hardly noticed the temperature difference on the way to our space. However, once we peeled from our layers of snow gear, we immediately noticed how cold it was. When we looked at our thermostat, it said it had been 38 degrees, but we set it a 74 degrees this morning. We called the desk, and they informed us of the fact that the HVAC system was not working, but they had called their own technician. Unfortunately, due to an oncoming blizzard, the HVAC technician was helpless to make it up the mountain, before the storm passed. The rest for the night was miserably cold to the bone. After collecting as many blankets as we could, we bundled up and tried to stay as warm as possible. I hardly slept through the night, because I was so frosty. Thankfully, the HVAC technician had the system fixed by the following morning, and the lodge refunded our money. After that upsetting experience, I am still having nightmares concerning the home furnace going out.

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