Tips for working on your HVAC system

I never was required to buy my own things. My parents were always good about attending to my expenses. I always took it for granted. They always purchased my clothes each year, and supplied and stocked the fridge and pantry rich in groceries to eat. They also gave me an allowance right up until I graduated college. Now that I live by myself, reality has hit. I don’t ever have money. I work hard and get paid pretty well. I feel so stingy. I hate to waste my money on bills. Stuff like electric and gas for your car should be free. Spending your hard earned money is worse than getting any tooth pulled out. It’s not like bills are a few dollars either. Everything is a lot of money. For example, my home’s HVAC system quit working recently. I was expecting a hundred dollar repair. The repair was about 1000 dollars. I was in great shock. The price for a completely new installation and HVAC equipment was even worse. They had quoted me a couple of thousand dollars. HVAC equipment is necessary. I hate that. I wish I really could just use a fan and not an air conditioner. If I did, I would suffer from a heat stroke. In the winter, it gets down into the negative temperatures. Without a working furnace, I would get frostbite and be laying in a hospital bed. I never believed that furnaces or air conditioners broke down. My parents must’ve paid to have theirs tuned-up each year. We never had an emergency HVAC break down. We ended up never being without heated or cooled air. We were always at ease. I just need to be able to budget my money better. I want to learn to save more funds too.heater