This is the temperature I was looking for

My kids are so sneaky. They are always getting into trouble and any problem they have is something my wife and I deal with. My little baby girl could be the worst at sneaking around. She is only one year old, but she walks everywhere and she gets into anything that is within reach. I will set her down and in just a matter of a couple of seconds she will be gone and take a look to see where she had gone off to. I always have to keep my eye on her and we always have to ensure that our dishes are not close to the edge of the table. If they are, she will reach up and try to pull them off. This will make a big mess all around the floor. One time I remember we were all sitting in the house and it started to truly feel really warm. That seemed odd because I knew we had set the temperature to the thermostat to cool and not heat. I have it set on auto so that it adjust on its own with the temperature that is outside. I went over to look at the thermostat and find out that someone had been messing with it and actually made the thermostat go up considerably and that is exactly why it had gotten so hot in the house. I later learned that this has been the work of one of my sneaky kids. I decided we needed a nice talk with them about not messing with the thermostat because it changes the temperature inside your home. I also do not want those kids to mess with it because I am fearful that they can mess up the HVAC system and then we will really be in the dog house. I am sure that as they get older they will realize this ever more and they will not to mess with the HVAC system.

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