This is how you repair a heater

Living in the South, you don’t really experience too many occasions during the winter when the temperatures dip down terribly low. I can tell you one thing from experience, 45 degrees definitely isn’t very cold compared to those temperatures people experience in the northern states. If your heating unit quickly hits the fan, 45 degrees suddenly becomes pretty cold. I believe that was what the temperature about two years back on Christmas day when our HVAC unit went completely out. We couldn’t find anyone who was willing to come repair this heater (big surprise) that same day. My husband did what he could and called a person who tried to walk him through some HVAC troubleshooting tips. My husband is pretty skilled at fixing anything else, but he couldn’t get our heating product working. Thank goodness Wal-Mart was open (although I felt sorry for the poor people having to work that day). My husband bought several portable ceramic heating elements, and they actually worked pretty well to keep the temperature above freezing that night. The next day, we made it possible to get an HVAC repairman out to look at our unit, but he wasn’t able to fix it! Our HVAC unit was a very early edition and should have been switched out ages ago, but our landlord didn’t wish to spend the money on it. Another repairman became available the following day, and – you guessed it – he wasn’t able to repair it either. A total of three HVAC repairmen all arrived on the scene to our house before our landlord finally came to accept the fact that the unit had to be replaced. After he replaced all of the HVAC unit, we haven’t have any issues since.

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