Thermostat tips

My own grandma and grandpa’s house is the absolute coolest place to go to when all my loved ones are town. My grandfather likes to put everything back in the side yard with chairs and tables. My grandmother cooks way too much food to feed all of her precious children and grandchildren. It’s the coolest time. She’s Polish so she cooks many homemade Polish foods that we all have grown up with. She’s the most effective cook out of all our family members. Sometimes when she’s cooking supper, the oven in her kitchen gets a little too hot. My grandma will tell me to walk over to the thermostat and turn it down so the particular air conditioning unit can switch on. I’ll go to the thermostat in addition to turning the knob. At my house I have a programmable thermostat set up. I mentioned to my grandma if she’s asked her HVAC supplier about having a programmable thermostat put in. She told me it wasn’t something that was at the top of her list but that they were supposed to come to her household rather soon. She said she had an appointment with them. I went to her house when the HVAC technician eventually came. I mentioned to the guy about the programmable thermostat. He recommended strongly that my grandparents get one immediately. This is because it could save energy and money month in and month out. Not to mention it’s simple to function. Having a programmable thermostat lets you set a certain temperature when you’re in the home and when you’re out and about. My grandparents were interested because they’re always looking to make things easier and cheaper.

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