Thermostat settings for club

In the summer, I am so busy doing tons of different things that when winter can come, I am bored and look for things to do. This time around, I decided to be involved in some sort of book club. We meet quite often in different places to speak about our current readings and return books. I love it because it is a sensible way to meet people who like to socialize but also who like to read. Above all, it gives me something to undertake in the winter time in the event the weather is miserable and freezing as it tends to be. At our past meeting, we met within this cute coffee shop that had the most wonderful little fireplace surrounded by sofas and comfortable chairs. I spent more time enjoying that than I did talking about the book with the  ladies. Most times, we rotate meetings in each others houses, but I prefer to venture to a public setting so that it is less stressful having to accommodate to everyone’s heating preferences. I always keep my house at a moderate temperature inside winter to avoid costly energy bills, but most of the ladies are older and tend to want a more warm atmosphere during the meetings. I can understand because it is more at ease chatting and reading in a good heated environment during our meetings. One lady hates being in the meetings because she enjoys the cold temperatures and would rather sit in air conditioning than sit near a heating unit. Everyone is very different in terms of what temperature they prefer. I think it is easier to meet in a public setting so nobody has the pressure of setting their thermostat to the perfect setting to meet everyone’s expectations.

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