The HVAC industry

My grandmother is my favorite person. She came to this country after an extended  journey on a boat from Italy. She knows nothing beyond cooking a great pasta dish, sipping wine, and her customs.  In comparison my life is very different from hers. I am glad that I still have my grandmother around.  My grandfather passed away a few years ago. She’s still in great shape, although she is well into her 90’s. She’s far too active to ever live in a nursing home. Very often, I spend time over at her house.  She likes to talk about her old days.  I like to explain my life now. She informs me about her childhood and how she needed to do daily chores on their dairy family farm. She never had the luxury of  running water. To take a bath, she had to boil water fto heat it up. She didn’t even have a bathroom inside her house. I try to explain modern technology, computers, and touchscreens, but it is so foreign to her. I tell her about how the HVAC system in our home handles the year around temperature controlled.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside. When it gets really warm, the air conditioner takes over and handles the humidity. When it is snowing, the furnace takes over for us. Our working HVAC system in our home is like magic to my grandmother. She doesn’t understand how the air conditioner works, because it’s something entirely new to her. She always had a wood stove in her house. She isn’t aware of concerns over air quality. Her family stepped outside to breathe fresh air, and let the wood stove fill the inside with smoke. We now enjoy filters that work within our HVAC system to trap contaminants such as dust and bacteria. Life for my grandmother and I is very different. While I enjoy her stories, I would not want to go back in time.

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