The heating system

Being raised, my dad always hated the heat. We had central air conditioning which he ran all through spring, summer season and fall. During the winter weather, our home was heated by way of a wood burning stove and a good furnace. The wood burning stove was supplemental and helped to lower the amount we needed to use the furnace. This helped with utility bills. The wood stove was located in the dining room and our household insisted on eating together. Dad would sit with his back towards the sliding glass door in our dining room. My dad would open it in the winter so that he could cool off from the heat of the wood burning stove. The rest of us would be shivering all throughout dinner but our dad was the man behind the family so we couldn’t say anything regarding the door being open. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways. My dad wasn’t happy inside the heat from the furnace and the wood burning stove but addressed it because he knew most people needed it. This is why we just dealt with him having the door open to combat the heat coming from the wood stove and the air conditioner. It’s unfortunate that the wood stove is within the dining room but that’s where it was eventually when my parents purchased the house and the many vents were located in this area. Being the oldest, I suggested to my parents that maybe we have dinner in the living room away from the wood stove, but my parents wouldn’t hear it. They said the dining room was the family room and we’d just contend with the heat from the wood stove along with the cold from outside.