The brewery HVAC system

Once I started working at the brewery around the corner from my house, I found I could make decent money on the weekends. The commute was also short so it was not necessary to drive. Now, almost the full year later, I am more than just a bartender. I manage the bar. While I would not have any involvement with the brewing of the beer itself, I control how it is served, presented and sales with the beer in question. Since I have taken on a bigger role at the brewery, I have made a several alterations. The first thing I always wanted to correct within the brewery was the feel of the place. I don’t think that the decor was wrong or anything that way. It was a simpler fix. I wanted to make it several degrees warmer in there every day. While you don’t want to turn the heater up so much that individuals are uncomfortable, I would prefer to them feel a little warm than the usual little chilly. By making the furnace work a little bit harder and a little more often, we are able to acquire our patrons to drink a lot more cold beer. Our fresh brewed beer tastes more refreshing in this new environment compared to how it used to be. Before doing this, I made sure to hire a commercial HVAC technician come in and ensure that our heating equipment could handle it. Sure enough, he said everything looked great and we’ve not looked back since. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us this year after making such changes.

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