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On the hottest day of the summertime, and I was stuck earning a living. In the dining room of the restaurant it was so humid you could almost see the moisture hanging in the air. There was a quiet stillness within the room due to an older couple closing the only one window in the dining room. I could feel my clothes sticking to my body as I walked around the room to clean an empty table. When I entered the large kitchen, the heat was overwhelming. The chefs all had a particularly aggravated expression, which I understood because of the climate. All day long, I heard remarks concerning the air conditioning being repeated throughout the kitchen and seating area. At nearly 4 o’clock, I realized the matter what had taken place when I saw the local HVAC truck pull into our parking lot. Three HVAC technicians went into the basement of the restaurant to begin making repairs to the air conditioner. After almost forty-five minutes an almost noiseless whistle was felt more than heard in the restaurant. I walked throughout the dining space feeling icy blasts of air from the vents down below. I had never been this happy to have cold air in my whole entire life! I saw the HVAC technicians as they pulled out from the parking lot, little did they know their repair just saved my night from being miserable. I was sure to publish a review online so our HVAC provider knew what good work they had done. These folks were in so quickly that I did not even notice the speedy repair job. They also carried all the garbage away with them.

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