Temperatures and the importance of a HVAC system

I have been the general manager of this rather small museum here in town for quite a while. While some people may think working for a museum sounds boring because the truth is that we see the same things every single day, I can tell you that I don’t agree. I see people’s reactions every day and those are always one of a kind and rewarding. That is what I love about my job. However, it became hard last year when the building’s HVAC equipment begun to malfunction. As much as I like the people I work with, the owner is a horrible person. He hates to spend cash even if it’s to better his investment. He didn’t want to spend the money to obtain a new air conditioner last summer. Most of our business comes during the summer because kids are off from school and parents are always seeking something new to try. I was so fed up one day, that I walked right into the office and told him I would quit if the cooling equipment was not replaced. I think he thought I was joking at first, but then he saw I was extremely serious. He called the local HVAC company that specialized in commercial heating and cooling the following day. We had a brand brand new air conditioner in each room of the museum within a month. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. All it took to obtain additional customers was the latest piece of HVAC equipment. Had the owner actually realized this, I think he would have taken care of the situation much sooner than he did.

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