Tailgating with beers and heaters

Everyone I know goes absolutely crazy when football season starts up again. We go through different weather conditions just to see our favorite football teams play each week. I have spent countless hours preparing for games throughout the season by watching the weather forecasts often. You can never be sure the weather will be what the news says. So, I take the time each weekend to plan ahead for games that could be rather cold. I pack layers of clothes and blankets in the case anyone gets cold. We bring a little tent to protect us from any wet weather that comes and I always remember to bring our gas heater to run while we tailgate during the day. My husband spends time packing up a small grill so that we may use it as a portable fireplace after we cook hot dogs. When Sunday rolls around again, I have already baked a bunch of cookies and prepared a variety of soups to keep everyone warm. The people we go with bring a small generator to plug in a space heater under each of their tents. I love the fact that we can all park next to each other, set up our tents, and surround ourselves with the heater. With the heaters running plus the open fire, we have no problems with any cold temperatures that pass through. For this upcoming season, we are looking into pooling our money together to find an enclosed tent so the heat continuously circulates within most of our area. If we find the right one, we’ll never have to worry about bringing the extras to keep the heat!

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