So much cooling for hurt knee

All throughout twelfth grade, I played basketball, which was definitely the sport to play. Unfortunately, it was also the one game that I got injured playing. When I was a sophomore, I had two significant knee surgeries, including a split ACL. Right before graduation, I ended up having to visit the hospital again for a dislocated kneecap! All in all, I spent a ton of time hobbling around on crutches, carrying braces and bandages, and travelling to the hospital. My physical therapy appointments were on the bottom floor of the hospital, so I think that i spent more time there then at school! The one thing about the hospital that was almost unbearable was that it was incredibly chilly, no matter what the season. Even in the middle of winter, the air conditioning was at full blast. Every time I actually walked in, I immediately was freezing. Unfortunately, the air conditioning was just as strong in the physical therapy treatment office. A lot of this physical therapy involved icing a knee, and I hated it. All that air conditioning just made the ice feel even less warm. One time, I asked my physical therapist if he could adjust the thermostat within the office. He laughed, and said that the whole hospital needed high levels of air conditioning, because it helped lower the spread of bacteria and viruses. Sadly, that meant that every room in the hospital was linked to one giant HVAC system, hence the rooms couldn’t be adjusted on their own. Having to ice my knee with air conditioning vents all over me was so bad. By the time I got home, I was willing to curl up on the recliner with my knee elevated and also the furnace on full blast!

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