Setting the HVAC differently

My kids are extremely responsible. They do really great work at the school but they always have. I remember all of the the conferences I once had with their teachers and they all said similar things. They said my little ones were kind, considerate and industrious. I liked hearing all of the people things because it made me feel as if I was doing a good job being a parent, good thing it was. At home, my youngsters are normal: they are responsible much of the time and other times they act what their age is. There is nothing wrong with that scenario. We learn from our mistakes as people and I am aware that completely. Because I wanted to give my children a bit more responsibility, I gave them the code for the thermostat so they could control the HVAC equipment. I told them it was now their job to set up the homeā€™s temperature once they came home from school each day. It must be set because I turn it off most days while we have been away to conserve energy. I can check the digital thermostat at the conclusion of each day to observe when it was edited. I think it is an important little feature. So far, they are really good to our heater and air conditioning. They are setting them responsibly and I must say i respect their effort throughout the house. If I could only encourage them to take the trash out every Wednesday night that you will find great. But hey, we are making a bit of progress around here.

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