Seasonal depression is a real thing

However, I live in the northern parts of the country, in an area that experiences very severe cold weather. We frequently endure temperatures into twenty below zero, and face several feet of snow falling from the sky. Throughout the winter, the wind blows constantly, the roads are always slippery, and there is no glimpse of the sun. I absolutely hate all sorts of things about winter. While I am hoping to one day move south, I can’t go anywhere. I do everything I can to make the winter a long time tolerable. I have a four-wheel-drive pickup, expensive snow boots, and just about every fall, I buy myself a new wool coat. My furnace is going to be the most important appliance in my house, and I’ve spent a fortune to assure it keeps me perfectly toasty. Because of the extreme cold during the winter, I am stuck in there for months at a time. I insist on being extremely comfortable. I have purchased a furnace which will maintain a warm temperature at all times, no matter what is going on outside. There are no drafts in my house, no wild temperature imbalances, and my furnace doesn’t make a whole lot of noise. I set the thermostat to my desired level of comfort, and the furnace keeps a indoor temperature within one amount of the setting. It does this by having the speed between forty and a hundred percent capacity. Because of this, the furnace runs a lot longer, at lower speeds, and keeps my energy bills affordable.

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