Sealing a home

When we bought our new house, we took over a very large project. The house is over one hundred years old. The past fifty years, it was used as a rental property. The renters did not take good care of the home, unfortunately. Any updates that were made by the landlord were done as inexpensively as you possibly can. While all of the windows have been replaced, every single one lost air. They had not been installed properly, and were of poor quality. There was no insulation in any of the walls or attic. None of the doors shut tightly. The HVAC system had been outdated, it was inefficient, and unable to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. We needed to completely change the home. Over the years, we’ve been going through the house room by room. When we tackle a place, we totally tear it apart and fix all the problems. We tear down the walls and ceiling right down to the bare studs. We use an electrician to update this wiring, and everything else, but of it we are going to handle ourselves. We install ENERGY STAR rated windows which are not only airtight, but provide greater security. These windows are easy to clean and easy to open and close. We install insulation in the walls and the ceiling and hang drywall. Every step we take is not just to beautify the house, but to stop energy losses. The house has extremely high ceilings and big rooms. Trying to heat and cool the house is really a difficult and expensive challenge. Our goal is usually to improve comfort and cut prices. It has taken us nearly twenty years to update every room.

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