Restaurants with bad zone control

I enjoy warm weather but when it is 90 degrees out and a heat index of 100 I find shelter! I decided to take my niece shopping and also to lunch. Walking around indoors was pleasant because doing so was cooler and you didn’t feel so sticky. Everyone loves that first cool blast of cool air when it’s super hot out. We noticed the extreme change in temperature plus the numerous air ducts throughout the restaurant when we sat at our table. The air duct was directly above our own heads and blasting cool oxygen on us. We went from being sticky warm to freezing in minutes. We asked to go to another table but that wasn’t helping because the whole room was un-comfortable. We asked why the restaurant was so cold and the manager said they had contacted their HVAC provider and didn’t have any luck getting the air conditioner serviced. No matter what they set the thermostat to, the air conditioner just ran continuously. air conditioner repairs might be costly but so can your HVAC running continuously. Seeing I worked in repairs and HVAC service contracting I gave them some heating and cooling technical help to see if they might be able to fix their HVAC unit. Not only were they losing business from customers leaving. But, the energy they were wasting was quite costly. Customers can get quite upset and leave when the heating and cooling isn’t working properly.

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