Rentals and HVAC

About a year ago, I became a landlord. Throughout my college years, I was  completely overcharged for rent.  I figured I  could make good deal of money by investing in property. I made a decision to purchase a few rental properties of my own. I fixed them up with new windows, drywall, and appliances. I handled the work myself and saved a fortune that way. I have also made a great deal of my investment back over the last twelve months. College kids are prepared to pay anything to live off campus. This spring, I did a remodel of many of the rental units. I’ve decided to only rent to female students because I’ve had better luck with girls in the past. They are cleaner and normally don’t destroy the improvements I install inside the houses. After replacing the furnaces in four of the apartments, I decided to update the thermostats too. I researched all of my choices. I found three basic types from which to choose. I wasn’t all that interested in the non programmable thermostat. This thermostat is not going to conserve energy, because it forces the students to manually adjust temperature every time the head in or out. I didn’t want to install this kind because I am responsible for the energy bills. I wanted to have the ability to control the operation of the furnace. Another option I considered was a modern programmable thermostat. This seemed like a better solution. I could set the temperature to change at different times throughout the day. The final choice of thermostat was a wireless model. This was quite a change from the other options,  because it connects to the internet. I am able to access the thermostat from my  truthfully connect it to my smartphone or tablet. I invested a little more money into the wifi thermostat. Although it cost more, it gave me the most control. I can keep track of the temperature settings, and better  manage the bills.