Reasons to get a smart thermostat

My girls and I decided it was time we went on a little trip together. We had not traveled in a long time and we used to spend a lot of time planning weekends or even week long long trips to fun cutting edge places. It was winter and we were all feeling uninterested in our everyday lives, we just about all needed a getaway. Most would think that since it was winter that we might want to travel someplace where it would definitely be warm. But we all enjoy skiing so we decided we’d try out a ski lodge. Of course this was just a girls only trip so we needed some place that would have a spa and shopping and some place where we could go dancing. We searched and searched the internet. Finally we found a very wonderful place. It had a pool and also a hot tub, both indoors and even outdoors. There was a full spa at this resort and it was only a few miles from a shopping mall. There was also a good shuttle service to take us out to the city at night. We booked our suite and starting packing our stuff. When we got there we could hardly believe how beautiful the place was and to top it off once we checked in we saw that the hotel had smart thermostats, basically you could adjust your room temperature from anywhere! We loved that it was perfect for when we were out and we didn’t want to run the heat all day long, we could adjust the temp from our phones before returning to our room. It was a great and epic girl’s getaway.

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