Putting a new home for sale

My parents are both working in sales. They definitely have the correct attitudes to stay in this profession. Both my parents are loud and outgoing. My mom sells homes and dad sells cars. They are the people in town that everybody knows and likes. They have so many friends and are really just the people that everyone wants to be around. I am an only child, so more often than not, people expect me to be just like my parents are. I am not like them at all though. I am very quiet and introverted. My dream profession is something where I can keep to myself in a quiet, little cubicle somewhere. I do admire my parents for the jobs that they do. My dad markets expensive vehicles to people. My mom is an excellent real estate agent who finds the best homes and sells them to local clients. When she is not closing on a home with a family, she is shopping around the area for new homes that have just gone on the market. I always laugh when she says that she will be going shopping that particular day. She really means she is simply going to spend that day driving around, searching for people wanting to sell their house. She will also be doing a bunch of online research to see what homes typically sell for at the specific period. It is not a quiet job since everyone is always calling her all day to see what new homes are for sale or available to view. It appears as if every day she gets home from work, her brain is actually spinning. It is a fast paced job but she loves it.