Preventing heat leaks around your home

Last semester, my boyfriend lived within a large apartment complex. Throughout most of the  winter he kept an air conditioner in his bedroom window. The apartments were unpleasantly warm. The office management would set the thermostat high, I’ll give him that. But being a business major and learning to budget all I really could see was poor money management on the owner’s behalf. All of my boyfriends utilities were included so he wasn’t the one spending money on the heating bills. But the main office truthfully had to have these ridiculously high energy bills for that office. Now if he ended up using his air conditioner, I’m sure others tenants were using their air conditioners or fans as well. It just seems very wasteful for the leasing office. While they’re cranking the gas furnaces up, all the tenants are just cranking up their air conditioners. They need to find a happy medium for all involved. Perhaps their thermostats weren’t calibrated. Maybe they had one temperature set, and the calibration in the thermostat was off so the furnace had been running much more frequent for all apartments and also to a higher degree. They should fix the problem. Being a decent size apartment complex, they need to handle their costs. By having a good HVAC technician come and do an inspection, they could resolve the situation. Perhaps certain tenants in the complex were complaining about his or her apartments being too cold so that is the reason for the excessive heating. Those apartments must be checked for air tightness. the heat might be escaping out gapes in the windows and doors from those apartments. Looking into all the opportunities could really be saving everyone, including the tenant’s money because I’m sure management would have to increase rent to pay for costs.

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