Pools and the heaters

My pal and his wife just recently bought a great new house. For the first time since he was a young child, my brother has his own backyard pool. He doesn’t use it that much, but his wife uses it on a daily basis. She swims a bunch of laps as well as does water aerobics type exercises as a result to tone her arms and thighs. She is practically addicted to swimming. This is not good news because cold weather is about to be here. So, she decided to call the neighborhood HVAC provider to see if it’s possible to get a heater for the pool. Fortunately for her, the HVAC company said there was clearly a few different options available and she definitely could install a heating system to her beloved swimming pool. So, she found out that the furnace is actually able to heat both their house and her pool. My brother, then again, is not quite convinced. Syncing the furnace to heat the swimming pool is one option, but it ties the two things together and will raise the utility bill quite a bit. Another option is to install an HVAC unit only for the pool. According to that HVAC provider, that would probably be the cheap option as far as the bills go. The problem is that it is more expensive up front because the HVAC company would need to install a whole new unit. I guess the two of them will simply have to decide how important it is to allow her to swim comfortably during the winter months. She might be dependent on the swimming pool, but you will find there are much worse things she could be hooked on. I say, get her the heater for the pool!

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