Plumbing system

When my sister was younger, she loved to take bath every single evening. She was very little back then and every night my mama would give her a shower. My sister loved having her blow up toys and filling the tub up with soap bubbles. She would expect this same routine every night. She would constantly pretend that she was a bad pirate or fish. The tub had a good-sized net with suction cups that would stick to the tub. The net would hold all her shiny bath toys that she would play with. One evening my little sister was going crazy inside the bathtub. She put all of her toys in the container and was splashing and joking around. She was having a tad too much fun. My mom told her to relax somewhat but she didn’t like that. Once she was finished with the short bath, and was wrapped in her plush towel, she took her toy and tossed it inside toilet and flushed it. My mom got angry at her and asked why she decided to do that. She responded that she didn’t want that toy anymore and it needed to go bye-bye. The toilet instantly clogged. It was extremely crucial that my parents call a plumber. The plumber came the very next morning. He got the toy out with special tools and draining the water. Luckily the toy wasn’t absolutely blocking the drain. Every time that my tiny sister had her bath my mom ensured she didn’t go near those toys and lodge them in the toilet.

plumbing system