Party and furnace not running

Each year, my mother throws an awesome halloween party. It is a giant party that everyone always goes to for the year. We invite several hundred people and have the best DJ hired to make sure that the party keeps going. The local pizzerias give us a huge discount on pizza and wings in order that nobody goes hungry that night. Usually, you’ll find the party at a local bar in town. It’s an older venue, but it has a lot of room for decorations and guests to be there. The only issue is they may not have an up to date heating and cooling system. Last year, the weather was horrible, and we were stuck in this cold venue that had no heaters it seemed. Although the majority of the party guests were busy dance and singing, you could easily tell that bar did not turn on the heating system while we were there once. When we went to tell the owner about how chilly it had gotten within the bar, he assured us that he had his heating system on the whole time and it had been working perfectly fine for a long time now. So, after hearing that, we assumed that the cold chills were from people walking in from the doors, allowing the cool air to sneak in. However, when we returned the following day to clean up our decorations, we noticed that the bar felt bitter cold even though we could clearly hear this furnace running at the bar. Once again, we mentioned this to the owner that it might be recommended that he get the heating system cleaned out and checked for any problems that could be causing the lack of warm temperatures. Come to find out, when we went to book the party for this year, the owner told us he decided to replace his HVAC system before this party.