Nobody wants to deal with an old boiler

I was excited when I was offered a job from a new company in close proximity to home, which was just opening. The owner was great and we hit it off at our first meeting. Though he wasn’t able to pay me a lot or offer benefits, he was willing share a percentage of the company with me, I would be responsible for it and own a portion of the residual business. I was sure that we could both do well. He had opened his office in an older building, which was visually pleasing, but was old and worn. He was able to get a great deal on the office and was now dealing with the owner on a few necessary improvements. The first issue which needed doing involved the HVAC system. It was an incredibly old boiler system, boilers are great because they usually last a very long time, but the components did not. The boiler made a great deal of noise daily, it was scary. There were times I was convinced it was ready to explode, so it took weeks until I stopped jumping when it happened. The HVAC provider was in our basement or crawling throughout the ductwork everyday for a few weeks. It was a reasonably small building, but he had several technicians working for him on this job. I guess some of the parts ended up being so old, he needed help from techs that had experience with the system. They were able to keep the old system, but all of the other parts had to be replaced or upgraded. When all that was done, it ran similar to a modern day system. We even got an updated thermostat too, which we programmed to our temperatures needs each day.

boiler installation