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My father and his brother are building a new shop to hold both of their cars. They enjoy classic cars and they even have cars that they purchased internationally. Many years ago when they were a lot younger, they started this car collection. Because they have many cars they wanted to keep them in their very own building. Therefore my dad and his own brother purchased some cheap property and built themselves a vehicle shop that would hold their collection. This would allow these to maintain their cars indoors without ever taking them outside to even work on them. By keeping these cars indoors, it could shield their cars away from the outside elements. It would also shield them from the sun which eventually could fade away the paint. It would get rid of brushing snow off the cars and having the engines getting too cold. To avoid too cold and too warm ailments, my family decided to get the shop climate controlled. They’ve already had a programmable thermostat set to the reasonable temperature in the summer and then the winter. This protects the vehicles outside and also inside. Some of the cars are close to 60 years old, so saving them is critical. After the electrical and insulation were put in their place, they called an HVAC company up. The company came and installed both the cooling and heating system. The system was sized just right, to fit the heating and cooling needs that they wanted done inside their new shop. My dad and uncle were impressed with the work that the HVAC technician did for them. Also, the HVAC technician likes to come out and do service cleanings for this shop so he can have another look at their extensive car collection.

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