My own apartment

Living on my own has been quite the learning experience. This is the first time that I have ever lived without someone else and I have discovered that it has its disadvantages, but mostly its upsides. Now I am able to turn lights on / off freely without fighting about a electric bill, which is unquestionably nice. It is so frustrating to have someone turn the light off inside a room you are in because they claim you are wasting power, even if you are seriously using the light for something. I am not required to deal with that anymore, and i’m sure that is great. I also can come and go as I please while not having to tell someone else – out of courtesy or rules – where I am going and when I will come back. I loved my mobility. I can do my laundry whenever I want and don’t need to worry about someone else utilizing it when I want to clean my clothes. I am able to cook whatever I want, whenever I want, without anyone complaining about the smell or the dishes in the sink afterwards. The best part about living on my own, though, is that I am the one who controls the temperature in this home. If it is cold out of, I can turn the warmth to whatever temperature makes me the most comfortable. If it is incredibly hot hot outside, I can turn the temperature down so there is cool air conditioning flowing through the house. Certainly, living alone means having total control over the temperature of my house, which is the best.

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