My new heater

I usually love this local bar within our town named the spoon saloon. It serves the best steaks, burgers along with fries. I enjoy going there in the winter months too because it gives a woodsy feel. There are elk heads in the wall, fur on the benches and most importantly they blast their heating system so I stay warm. The last time in there I was unpleasantly surprised by the temperature. It was icy and frigid, not toasty and warm as it is normally. I asked the waiter what was the issue. He explained to help us understand the repairs needed to have the furnace working again inside the establishment. The local HVAC provider recently been notified, and would send an HVAC technician the following morning. My sister, who has a husband who works being a HVAC technician currently, began to make some suggestions to conserve the tavern’s money. They conversed awhile, contemplating ways to fix the heating elements. The women decided that later she would call the nearby furnace service to get a new furnace installed. The whole time I kept trying to maintain enthusiasm about how the heating system would be fixed even though it was not going to be fixed immediately. A furnace installation would great in a couple of weeks. Even a heating system repair is not going to be done immediately. So I was stuck freezing at my favorite warm eatery with no heater to keep me comfortable. I am thinking that no warm cup of soup and plateful of pasta will fix my body temperature troubles. I do not know if I care to go back to the spoon saloon anytime in the near future. The furnace may have cost them my much prized business and me my favorite restaurant.

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