My hopes for the HVAC unit

My significant other and I have been residing in a log cabin in the mountains of Wyoming. Seeing the prairie out one window as well as the chilled snowy mountain tops out another window was such a beautiful sight . It is really something you never truly get accustomed to. The weather was quite pleasant. The days were cool but during the nighttime, the temperature would drop. Once it grew dark, we would start the fireplace or the heater and wrap ourselves in blankets to keep warm. The insulation was not great in that log cabin so the cold weather outside really affected the inside of the house. If it was cold out, the heater would have to be on you or you would likely freeze. After a long day of skiing and hiking on the snow, coming back to this warm house was a lifesaver. You strip off your wet socks and pants with wet ankles and prop them up right next to the furnace. After a long day, this is truly one of the most comfortable things. During the summer months, it was hot enough to warrant an air conditioning unit but we didn’t have one within this cabin. If it got hot in the summer, the cabin would get unbearable and the only thing you could do was open every one of the windows. Having air conditioning would have been wonderful in these summer months but it was an extra we didn’t have right at that moment. A heating unit was required but having an air conditioner was a bonus. You could survive without it but having one would have made the log cabin way more enjoyable year round.

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