My heating system

In high school, some of my friends ended up convincing me to participate in the club they were beginning. It was allegedly a sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast group, but once we got started with everything, it was pretty obvious they were just there to remain really dorky and dress in the elaborate costumes they’d made at home. It was pretty fun, though, even if all we did was create new characters for our games and play a whole lot of desktop games. Eventually, the club actually gained some new people, and we started to have to consider actual activities to do as a group. One of my friends suggested an outing to a Renaissance Fair, and everyone loved the thought of doing so. It was in late March, and after we got the details worked out, our teacher advisor drafted up some permission slips for the members. We actually had enough money in our accounts to book a bus, which sounded awesome until we actually got onto it. The bus driver had hooked up a heater at the front of the bus. It was set way too high, though, and since it was raining outside for most of the ride, that space heater was turning the back of the bus to a swamp. We tried to open a few windows, but the driver just yelled back at us to keep them shut. By the time we made it to the fairgrounds, all of our club members were sweating straight through their costumes. It had stopped pouring down rain, thankfully, but there was no place for us to dry off. There was one actual building on the corner of the grounds that was supposed to be a first aid station, but since the heating was broken inside, sitting inside it only made us even even more cold and damp.

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