My heater and how it works

We live in a large amount of land and own horses, a few goats as well as a donkey. We live in the northern region so we know what cold winters feel like. We love our barnyard pets and consider them near and dear to our heart, so when temperatures started to dip far below zero last winter time, we were concerned that the barn is probably not warm enough for them to be staying in all winter. We did what we could to block doors as well as reinforce areas that cold gusts of air were coming in through but I still worried that wasn’t enough to warm up the place. My husband and I decided that the bar needed to have a heater. We started shopping for furnaces that might be good in a barn and with a little help from an HVAC professional we bought one. It wasn’t too expensive but honestly it was complicated to install. An HVAC technician team came and installed it for our barnyard friends. We blocked off a section of the barn where the animals live so we didn’t have to heat the whole barn. It was working perfectly and then it wasn’t working at all. The furnace would start to power on and then shut down soon after. We called the HVAC team to come back to fix whatever needed to be. They checked switches and thermostats and they checked the exhaust vent. It was clear of obstructions. As we looked throughout the unit to see what the problem might be we could hear faint cries. The technician opened a panel on the unit and inside we surprisingly found Sadie, the barn cat, living with a litter of her newest kittens. Sadie and her little ones were blocking the intake vent hence the unit wasn’t consuming fresh air.efficient HVAC