My cooled down basement

We are a homebody. Even though I will be very different from my mother and father, I don’t mind being at home and being around them constantly. It is very natural if you ask me. Overall, I would say they are very supportive of my likes and dislikes, even though they cannot realize what I am passionate about. For instance, I am very interested in reggae music. For the record, I’m from a white, middle-class family members. I think part of the reason I am so enamored with rap and hiphop is that it largely just isn’t created by white, middle-class individuals. I like how it’s distinct from me. I spend most of my days sitting around my basement with the air conditioner on a high settings, just listening to music. It might sound odd to have cooling products cooling off a basement, but we live in a very warm region of the country and also my parents’ basement gets slightly stuffy at times. One of my favorite pastimes is making sure the HVAC equipment is cooling me off while I play many of the hottest mixtapes out at the moment. I cannot describe to you the relaxation I get when I am comfortably listening to music like that. Even when the music might be filled using angst or hatred, I feel totally relaxed while hearing it. I have big dreams of hosting a radio show about hip hop culture some day. I should finish school first, though, so for now the air conditioned basement will do just fine.

central A/C