My cola factory and climate control

As the manager of one of the biggest Cola distributors in the earth, we know all about productivity. Everything has to be as a result of an exact science. Everything with the millisecond that the conveyor belt tactics, to the exact temperature of the liquid being bottled. Everything needs to be perfectly planned out or there might be disaster. For example, we had switched over to a new machine in the main facility. Someone had set the bottling temperature one degree way too high. Our HVAC equipment is designed to keep our warehouse at exactly 62 degrees for you to cool the cola. The HVAC zone control makes certain that every part of the warehouse is precisely this temperature. When that laborer bottled the cola at a degree higher, it was stuffed into a room that was way too cold and over 300,000 bottles erupted due to inconsistent pressure. It was over one hundred thousand dollars in loss and we had to spend 3 days cleaning up the mess. We have to have HVAC Company come in twice a week to do an HVAC tune-up and always make sure everything is running exactly since it should. In this business we can’t afford to make a simple mistake. If the air conditioner or furnace isn’t running as reported by plan, we have to turn it off right away and have the HVAC technician inspect it. It’s really difficult, but to keep efficiency, it must be done. I might die at age 30, but at least I know I am important at this job.

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