Moving a property

I am a realtor. I often get asked what I actually do everyday. It is sort of hard to spell out what I do because everyday is totally different. A day in the life of a realtor is never boring, that’s for sure. Yesterday, I was showing a mansion to this couple who just won the lottery. They won a ton of money on a simple lottery ticket and now they are looking to sell their current home. With their new fortune, they desire to purchase a new home, and apparently they want to go all out by buying a mansion. As a real estate agent, I am responsible for doing lots of research. I am always driving around different neighborhoods looking for homes that are going up for sale. Somehow, I found this perfect mansion for the couple and we closed the deal on the huge property. I made that couple happy yesterday. Next week, I am going to a man’s single family property. He is trying to sell the home. It has been on this market now for a year but he just can’t seem to sell the property. He needs some tips and advice on making his home more inviting. As a real real estate agent, I am responsible for following trends and knowing what folks want in a property. I need to know what people dislike too so I can steer clear from that. As an agent, I really enjoy my job.

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