More harm than good-HVAC

I try not to doubt anyone that I meet. When they tell me stuff about them I oftentimes trust their words. I trust that we will not lie about who we have been. I met a guy the other week who claimed to be a great HVAC specialist. He said he repairs HVAC systems for people at all times but it is not his full-time career. It is just something he learned over the years. I was excited because I was having some major difficulties with my thermostat and I was wishing he could mend them. I invited him over to accomplish this for me and I paid him as well. I was very grateful for his help rather than paying much more to hire a real HVAC technician. A few days later this old thermostat stopped working again and I was not able to get ahold of the guy who I’d met. I thought that maybe the dude took my money and ran. I called for an HVAC specialist to come look at it since I had no other ideas. He looked at the thermostat and pointed out that someone had tried to play with it and he actually made my unit worse. The whole thermostat will be replaced now. I was so pissed at the entire situation. Needless to say I’m sure to be much more cautious about dudes I meet. I think it’s actually a lesson to always leave the work to the HVAC technicians considering that it is their job after all. These things can occur when letting others deal with your HVAC equipment.

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