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The sea is something that has at all times fascinated me. We’ve concerned ourselves with space travel and what might be out in the universe, but we still haven’t observed everything that is hidden in the oceans of our Earth at this point. I love reading sci-fi stories about adventures below the sea and I also love watching documentaries regarding the real life explorations under the ocean. It amazes me every time new types of life are discovered right here on our personal planet. I’m sure there are many various types of fascinating things all the way down there. Under sea research stations and submersibles also fascinate myself. Nothing protects the researchers from vast amounts of gallons of crushing water but the walls they have trust in. It makes me wonder additionally, how the temperature of the water affects the temperature within the research facilities and submersibles. If they can be in tropical waters, do they require air conditioning in the warm waters that are heating up the facilities? When they are far down or in arctic water, I would imagine that they would require getting some sort of HVAC system heating their premises. Do these HVAC systems have to have an intake of air from the surface? It raises many questions in my thoughts. I also wonder how strong an HVAC system would be asked to run to battle the outer influences with the ocean’s temperature. I would imagine the HVAC system would be asked to run constantly due to the outer influences with the ocean water. That or perhaps the facilities themselves have insulated walls that stops this ocean water from affecting their inner temperatures much.

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