Man, it got really cold

My high school class had its twenty year reunion a couple weekends ago, and I was so delighted to see all of my old friends. I never thought that I might be someone that actually was looking forward to a high school reunion, but in no time at all, it gets harder and harder to stay touch. Everyone has families, kids of their own, and careers that keep everyone extremely busy. I have a really difficult time checking up on my old friends, so I was looking forward to seeing them at the reunion. The reunion was held right at our old high school graduation location, which was sort of odd, because so much has changed inside the building since we graduated! There are actually brand new lockers, a recently painted gym floor, and obviously a few new ad ons to the building. After about a half-hour, a few of us were joking about how the one and only thing that hadn’t changed was the HVAC system. The building has never been well heated or cooled! When winter hit, the furnace never did actually heat anything at all, and students wore jackets inside. A few months before summer temperatures arrived, that air conditioning would kick on, and kept blowing cold air all over every classroom. The reunion happened in the gym, and it was subsequently so cold that we had been all shivering! It felt just like being in high school once again. Summer hadn’t even fully arrived yet, but the air conditioning had been on for a while. Despite becoming chilly, my old classmates and I had the best time. We all enjoyed a great evening talking, dancing, and laughing about how some things never change.

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