Making sure my zone control works right

My grandparents have lived in a two-story home on five acres for my entire life. I spent a lot of time here and it is truly where I grew up.  I love going back to visit. They have been upgrading the house over the past few years. The first job was repaving their driveway, then they moved on to a new roof, and then began talking about updating the HVAC system inside their home. The last visit home with them, they were sitting in the living room with several brochures in front of them. They were reviewing several systems to figure out which one would be the best one for them. Following a lot of research, they decided on a zoning system. My grandmother spends the majority of her time in her office while my grandfather spends most of his time in the den. Grandma said that she noticed the office was always so much warmer in comparison to the other areas of the house and she was tired of it. Grandma did not like being warm, besides the air conditioning was on and should have been keeping her cool. With this particular zoning system, she knew that she’d have complete control over the temperature of her office. After the HVAC contractor installed their new zoning system, they found a new height of comfort in their home. My grandmother raves about the efficiency and how affordable it is. I was there to visit them recently and got to see their zoning system it is a very good system. I could definitely see a difference.

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