Making sure it’s the right temperature

Many years ago I was finally able to actualize my dream of opening my own daycare center. We’ve always enjoyed working with young children, whether at other daycares, volunteering in after-school programs, or just babysitting, but unfortunately we were never able to have children of our own. So this seemed to be the logical step for me to look at. My husband works at a local bank, but additionally comes by to help out whenever he can. Our first priority in this whole undertaking is that the children are often comfortable and healthy when they’re with us. One way we ensure this is with a top notch HVAC system. When you are dealing with the youngsters, it is important to keep in mind that they do not really have a proper understanding of hygiene. So naturally there are numerous airborne germs and bacteria, a lot of which our heater or air conditioner filters out. We always make sure to maintain our system by having it tested twice a year by authorized HVAC technicians. They clean out everything, including the air ducts and air filters. That way, when we are in seasons with extreme weather conditions and pollen, we can combat the heat with our air conditioning and the cold with the furnace. When kids are physically comfortable they’ll always learn better, be friendlier together, and see improvements in their health. Our HVAC helps us a lot in this regard, which is why it is important. We have noticed many parents compliment us on how positive the environment is.

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