Making sure I have a working heat pump

It has been hard trying to find an HVAC unit that I really want. I am worried about the welfare of not only me and the kids, but also the planet. I am very active in my communities go green initiative and try extra hard to give back to the environment and make positive changes. There is compost in my backyard and I make use of the waste as soil material when I garden; I have an electric car so I am not guzzling up coal and oil nor am I emitting it into the ozone layer; and I also buy only all natural and organic products for my family and I. I have been noticing that my utility bills have been steadily increasing in the last year even though I pay close attention to how much energy we use in the home. I called the HVAC technician and asked what the smartest thing to do would be. He reminded me of the need to replace my old HVAC system and get a new one, and he proposed the idea of getting a heating pump. This device sucks hot air from the outside air and moves it in and around your house when you need to increase the temperature of your home and vice versa when you would like to cool it down. It uses little to no energy and doesn’t release carbon monoxide. It’s job is to circulate the air all around the house to where it needs to be without having to open as well as close vents. I opted for this since it is just a lot better for me and the environment.

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